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Cable TV

The company is currently implementing a broadband business plan in cooperation with external consultants and Intel as its technical partner. The broadband capability of cable systems presents opportunities for cable networks to facilitate the convergence of CATV, broadband data, telephony, and multimedia access. Undoubtedly our technological edge and our passion to make entertainment more exciting and informative has led us to set industry standards

By joining Patil Cable Network you, as a cable operator can avail of the latest and the most advanced equipment to receive and transmit satellite signals and thus save on heavy investments on expensive equipment.

The Technology Edge:

300 Channel Possibilities in Digital: Patil Cable Network delivers every channel that is beamed into the country. In addition, special IN Channels are also aired exclusively for the PATIL CABLE NETWORK family. It also airs the no 1 Hindi Movie channel CVO which boasts of the largest movie library and airs the best blockbusters. These will also be followed by several other specialized and innovative products targeting both niche and broad based audiences.

The Future Is Here: Patil Cable Network brings convergence at your fingertips. A step into futuristic technology of internet telephony, video conferencing, video on demand, 3-dimensional gaming, interactive TV, line E-mail with video sound and other numerous digital based services. All this needs high speed and higher bandwidth, which is not possible on ordinary dial up services!

IN 2 has an answer for all your Internet blues!!! Customer Services: A special Customer Service Cell with dedicated telephone lines initially, has been setup to encourage constant interaction between Patil Cable Network and its subscribers.